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Life of Top Influencer: Viraj Patil Gives a Sneak Peek into His Daily Routine

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 16.11.21, 09:21 PM

When we see successful people, we assume naturally that they spend their days indulged in luxuries that are brought upon them by their mounting success. Rich people dont work, that is a common notion. We don't even realise that they also have family, they also have a life prior to success and alongside with it.

Viraj Patil is a top influencer who manages both his lifestyle, family and work throughout the day. Known professionally as a growth catalyst and performance improvement strategist, he is a renowned consultant. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Viraj is 28 years old and has studied civil engineering. He always aimed for great things for himself and through his hard work and inquisitive mindset, he has been able to achieve all his dreams. As for his business career, he has worked with companies across 12 countries providing his skills as a consultant and risk management. As an influencer he is achieving a new milestone every single day by impacting people across social media and encouraging them to discover their potential and work on themselves to make great things possible.

Viraj believes that the purpose of our lives is to be happy. So whatever we do, we must be fulfilling this purpose. His daily routine comprises healthy food, exercise, work and quality time spent with the family. He believes in maintaining balance between all aspects of life. You can't work the whole time and call yourself sane. Unwinding and relaxing your mind, body and soul is one way to get through difficult days.

Viraj also loves to travel. His recent escapades took him to the Maldives which was a long due trip after working tirelessly for days. He shares with his followers the gorgeous beaches he had been to and the amazing sea life he encountered while scuba diving. Viraj considers himself very fortunate to be able to live his life to the fullest while incorporating his career into his daily life. As a motivating influencer, he is not answerable to anyone. He is his own boss and he makes his own rules. That is what he teaches his followers too. Through his page, he is on a constant struggle to enlighten his followers, empowering them to live their life their own way by doing what they love.

To follow Viraj in his travels, head over to his Instagram page. It features dozens of quotes and motivating material that is bound to help you in your life. He wants to show others that work-life balance is not just possible, but you can also enjoy your life in the best possible way while working!


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