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| Monday, October 9, 2017 |


Body of Time

What is so special about the body clock gene that it won its discoverers the Nobel Prize? Prasun Chaudhuri finds out 

Ever wondered why meetings in the afternoon - say around 2pm - tend to be the toughest ones to get through? Or, why the morning alarm brings a real headache to people who don't get sleepy until 1am? Or why jet lag sets in when we change time... | Read»

Troll Alarm: Here's how to wring it

To cut down on trolling, it is best to target the spaces where toxic talk happens, says Kevin Roose

There are - and always have been, and probably always will be - trolls, scoundrels and reprobates on the Internet. | Read»

Hormone bond

Why are some dogs aggressive and others sociable? While the male hormone testosterone may have a role to play, scientists have now nailed another culprit. High levels of vasopressin, a hormone which shapes social behaviour in humans, leads to... | Read»

Blood debt

Statistics say that about half of the Indian population, across age groups, sexes and economic strata, is anaemic. Since anaemia - a condition when a person does not have enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells circulating in the body -... | Read»