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Thursday , September 14 , 2017

'Heavier' Bale grabs spotlight in Toronto

(Top) Christian Bale at the Toronto International Film Festival and (below) Bale 
before he gained weight for a Dick Cheney biopic

Toronto, Sept. 13 (Reuters): Actor Christian Bale was in Toronto to promote his latest film Hostiles at the film festival, but it was his heavier frame and bleached eyebrows in preparation for his role as former US Vice-President Dick Cheney that grabbed the spotlight.

Bale, 43, said he swore he would not undergo another extreme physical transformation to play a character. But the lure of playing Cheney in Backseat and some arm twisting from filmmaker Adam McKay finally persuaded the actor to harness the transformation.

"I don't know why I'm doing that again. I kept on saying I can't do that again, but it's Adam McKay ... and the bastard went and wrote a really good script," Bale said at the premiere of Hostiles at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday. "I kept on trying to find reasons about how to say no and he always had an answer for me ... I eventually went, 'Damn it. He's right. I've got to do it, I've got to do it,'" he added.

Bale is known for physically transforming himself for his roles, losing more than 60 pounds and foregoing sleep to achieve a skeletal look for 2004's The Machinist before then bulking up to play Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. The actor told Variety that he has "just been eating a lot of pies" to prepare for playing Cheney.

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