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| Sunday, September 10, 2017 |



Muslims of Bengal are embracing education to break free from a certain way of life and an age-old stereotyping. How are they going about it? Sonia Sarkar has the story

Saira Banu consciously pulls the yellow dupatta over her head with her skinny fingers as she walks through the corridor of the Calcutta Medical College (CMC). She is a third-year undergraduate student at CMC and her classes have just got over. On... | Read»

On a lumbering public carrier, so privately

Memsahib memories of the Indian railways that have now left the station

THE RAILWAYS seem to be creating waves of bad news. First, there were those unsavory CAG reports on food and sanitation. Then came the derailments, one after the other. | Read»

Water-chasers of the Champa

One man's Sunday lunch is another's daily grind. Moumita Chaudhuri talks to Shankarpur's riders to the sea

Fishfolk: After a day’s catch, in Shankarpur The inky sky is the lone giveaway that it is midnight. About 150 trawlers pulled into Shankarpur jetty about an hour ago. The place is humming. A... | Read»

Whose Shame Is It Anyway?

Naked truths don’t shock the way nakedness does. A septuagenarian drops
her clothes to lift the veil yet again on a much-ignored tale of oppression. Chandrima S. Bhattacharya catches what is in all likelihood a last performance

A young tribal couple is on the run. The two have murdered a rich man in their village and the army is looking for them. Uniformed men have surrounded the village and the forest, where the couple... | Read»