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Monday , August 21 , 2017

Of Akhila and Hadiya

At first glance, the special leave petition before the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Shafin Jahan (petitioner) and Asokan K.M. & others (respondents) may seem like a page out of a hackneyed screenplay....   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Ailing system

• Sir - More than 70 babies and infants died within a span of a few days at... | Read»

Yearly misery

• Sir - Floods have become an annual feature in Assam. The government's ina... | Read»

Parting shot

• Sir - The editorial, "Equal appetite" (Aug 11), rightly highlights the pr... | Read»


No rites

Marriage is intimately related to terror. One association is through domestic violence and torture. Another is through honour killings, when natal families and dominant loc......   | Read..

Blood on tracks

Terror has a mind of its own. Its malevolence is such that it can even transform mundane objects into weapons of death and destruction. The Islamic State seems to have perf......   | Read..

Deep Trouble

I recently wrote two pieces on the political crisis in Venezuela and on Donald Trump's hyperbolic language about North Korea. But it never occurred to me that the next arti......   | Read..

All around us lies what we neither understand nor use. Our capacities, our instincts for this our present sphere are but half developed. Let us confine ourselves to that till the lesson be learned; let us be completely natural. - Margaret Fuller