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Friday , August 11 , 2017
Salt Lake

Flying high for 12 years

General  12 months in a year- Most civilisations counted months according to the cycles of the moon and so most have 12 months in a year.    | Read..

Game of words

Dip your pen in the inkpot of imagination and fill up the speech bubbles (or thought bubbles) in these scenes captured through bygone months in the twin townships   | Read..

Tale of township past told through art

An art exhibition is doing the rounds internationally that is by a Salt Laker, created at her Salt Lake studio, and on the subject of Salt Lake.   | Read..

Friend today, Rakhi sister tomorrow

This year Friendship Day was followed by Raksha Bandhan the very next day. Not consumerist, as some people thought, but some deep cosmic logic ruled this concatenation of...   | Read..

Fish delivered home, fried & served on street

Fancy a piece of a hilsa or parse fry while you are out in the streets? Head to the nearest stall of Bhaja Machh Ulte Khaan in Salt Lake or New Town.   | Read..

United colours of India

Boil lotus stems in a 4-qt. saucepan of salted water. Reduce heat to medium; cook until tender, 1½–2 hours if fresh, and drain. Whisk yoghurt, chickpea flour,...   | Read..

12 items of their

So he comes up to you whenever you sit to eat. His eyes widen, lips start smacking and he appears to plead with you for a slice of your pizza.   | Read..
Flying high for 12 years