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| Monday, July 17, 2017 |


Count Platelet

You mustn’t always worry if you are from eastern India and have a low platelet count; a research suggests you may have fewer, but bigger and more efficient ones. Prasun Chaudhuri reports

Abhirup Chowdhury's case had several doctors at Pune baffled. The 25-year-old had a significantly low platelet count. When the otherwise healthy youth went for blood tests at different diagnostic labs in the city, the results were the same: his... | Read»

Your phonecam: More than meets the eye

#TechTonic / Surit Doss

When we buy a new phone, we immediately check how good the camera is. With augmented reality (AR), the smartphone camera has moved way beyond selfies and group photos. Even an abecedarian can dabble in amateur filmmaking with a smartphone camera.... | Read»

Ditch the itch

Itchy red rashes are irritating. If they appear frequently, they interfere with the quality of life. Around 10 per cent of children and three per cent of adults have periodic flare ups of rashes. This phenomenon is loosely termed eczema and it is... | Read»