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Saturday , July 8 , 2017

Fart of a film

Director: Ashwni Dhir
Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Paresh Rawal, Kriti Kharbanda, Tanvi Azmi 
Running time: 139 minutes

Problem kitthey hai?” is a line that Paresh Rawal’s character Gangasharan Gandotra repeats through the whole of Guest Iin London. No, you don’t need a KBC-styled multiple-choice format to figure out that the problem lies with the WHOLE of Guest Iin London.

Crass and cheap, loud and lewd, asinine and just plain and simple awful, this Ashwni Dhir film overstays its welcome within the first five minutes when Paresh Rawal saunters in... with a loud fart! And you know that this is going to be one stinky affair.

Built on the same premise as the first film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? — also directed by Dhir that had Rawal landing up as an unwanted guest at the home of a couple played by Ajay Devgn and Konkona Sensharma — Guest Iin London, which has Gandotra and his wife Buddhi (Tanvi Azmi) staying as guests in the home of a couple (Aaryan played by Kartik Aaryan and Anaya played by Kriti Kharbanda) and turning their lives topsy-turvy, is an exercise in keeping your sanity intact at the end of 139 minutes. A spike in budget means that the setting shifts to London, but while the first film still had some moments that brought on a guffaw or two, there’s absolutely nothing here to warrant a watch, even though Dhir tries to pad up his film with young romance and picturesque locales. There’s even a fake marriage thrown in and a twist in the tail, but it all just adds to the mess.

Sitting through a bad film is one story, but Guest Iin London is an offensive watch on many, many levels. The film’s humour rests on sexist jokes, racial slurs and gay jibes. Women are repeatedly told that their place is in the kitchen. Jokes are built around skin colour and accents. In one scene, Gandotra attempts to lecture a man getting fresh with a Chinese subordinate by saying, “Aise karne se ladkiyon ki izzat kharab hoti hai. Iski toh aur jaldi kharab hogi... yeh China se hai!”

Pakistan bashing is a whole subplot here, with lines like, “Maine tujhe shareef socha tha, tu toh Nawaz Sharif nikla!” “Baap-beta” and “Mauka-mauka” jokes abound and when a Pakistani character (Habibi, played by the otherwise dependable Sanjay Mishra) brings up Kashmir in a conversation, he’s answered with a loud fart! Does it get worse? Well, there is a two-minute-long ghazal somewhere in between that harps on the “benefits” of farting.

The stink extends to the acts as well — with only Tanvi Azmi putting up a semblance of a performance and looking downright embarrassed to be in the middle of this mess — but then when you think it can’t get worse, it does — Ajay Devgn, in a “guest appearance” is Photoshopped right in the middle of New York’s Times Square!

Priyanka Roy 

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