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Saturday , July 8 , 2017

Me Tom, she Jerry

Widely hailed as the best actor of his generation, Ranbir Kapoor has largely lived up to expectations. In the decade since his debut film Saawariya released, the actor has constantly sought out...   | Read..

Happy b’day Dada!

If you make a 100 today, you will play for India for a long, long time   | Read..

Happy Birthday, Sourav — say his family and friends, through t2! 

Sourav is very focused and has a super positive attitude. He does have to sacrifice his family time, but he tries to balance as much as he can and we respect that. We are...   | Read..

Women in BLUE

The Indian Eves look early favourites in this edition of the Cup, but they’ve never won the World Cup. While they came the closest in 2005 with a runner-up finish,...   | Read..

Tom Holland is like Tom Cruise — director Jon Watts on the man of action in Spider-Man: Homecoming

J on Watts grew up reading    | Read..

Spidey swings in

Sony’s latest Spider-Man movie is kind of like the first and fourth, even if it’s hard to keep track of what happened when in this on-and-off again series. Once...   | Read..

PPC party

Remember the ‘members only’ Park Street Privilege Club (PPC)? The one on Park Street, in the Park Centre building (next to M Bar Kitchen), sixth floor? The...   | Read..

Games people play

Get a glimpse of the game behind the game as Inside Edge, Amazon Prime Video India’s original web series, releases on July 10. Based on behind-the-scenes action of an...   | Read..

More of Momo I Am in Calcutta

Calcutta’s love for momos is all too evident. From roadside stalls to fine-dining restaurants, this comfort food is available almost everywhere. In 2012, a small...   | Read..

More OF momo i am in calcutta

  | Read..

Welcoming Id with Chaand Raat at The Park

Friends and families came together on the last night of Ramazan for the Eid Chaand Raat at The Park on June 25 with delicious food, live music and some last-minute Id...   | Read..

Fart of a film

Problem kitthey hai?” is a line that Paresh Rawal’s character Gangasharan Gandotra repeats through the whole of Guest Iin London. No, you don’t need a...   | Read..


There are some actors you miss even when you are watching their films. In those scenes featuring other actors. And when their scenes are playing, you wish those scenes...   | Read..

A stylish affair

With over 54 stalls, Vogue Style & More at Ice Skating Rink was a packed affair as shoppers thronged the exhibition held from June 24 to 26.   | Read..

Coming up

Nouveaau in association with t2   | Read..

Anuja bowls ‘em 

What’s better than a rainy afternoon spent reading a new book? Having the author open up about her inspirations and journey while you sip on a latte or a sangria with...   | Read..


DKS presents Night Car Treasure Hunt 2017, in association with t2   | Read..
Me Tom, she Jerry
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Happy B'Day!
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