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| Monday, June 26, 2017 |


Dr Door to Door

The scarcity of doctors in villages can be handled by training rural quacks about the rational use of medicine and scientific treatment. Prasun Chaudhuri found this rather radical idea quite reasonable

Some call them quacks, some medical charlatans, hucksters and even impostors. But for a majority living in remote Indian villages, these degree-less medical practitioners are saviours. For these are the people who provide treatment to millions of... | Read»

Sun burst

For more than a century, astronomers wondered how thousands of spicules (super-hot jets of plasma) explode from the Sun. A team of US astrophysicists led by Juan Martinez-Sykora built unique computer models to simulate the origin of spicules that... | Read»

To Instagram, update and clear slate

#TechTonic / Surit Doss

The Instagram app on my Samsung Galaxy J2 with Android version 5.11 has suddenly stopped working. Whenever I try to log in, the phone responds with the message, 'An unknown network error has occurred'. I use Vodafone's 3G connection. All other... | Read»

Scars will fade

The skin covers our body, like a well-fitted, elastic garment. It does not normally have any cuts or breaks. If the skin suffers an injury, just like material which is torn and darned, an obvious blemish forms. It may be due to a fall, surgery,... | Read»