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Sunday , June 25 , 2017

Off with his head

The silver lining to India's rout in the Champions Trophy final was that it wasn't an innings defeat. The Kohlibeards scored less than half of Pakistan's total and they were dismissed with nearly twenty overs to spare....   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Out of darkness

Sir - Student suicides in India continue unabated. Often it is depression t... | Read»

Hollow image

Sir - The boastful claim of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, that he ... | Read»

Health alert

Sir - Between 1980 and 2015, the prevalence of obesity among Indian childre... | Read»

Etched in memory

Sir - I read with interest the report, "Daniel Day-Lewis to retire from act... | Read»


Skirts are cool

Increasing heat and a sense of humour may be more effective agents of change than sombre protests...   | Read..
bullet Different tune
bullet Full circle
bullet Second best
bullet Below the radar
bullet Reel trouble

There is a theory that watching unbearable stories about other people lost in grief and rage is good for you - may cleanse you of your darkness. Do you want to go down to the pits of yourself all alone? Not much. What if an actor could do it for you? Isn't that why they are called actors? They act for you. You sacrifice them to action. And this sacrifice is a mode of deepest intimacy of you with your own life. - ANNE CARSON