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| Sunday, June 25, 2017 |


Dum Mast Must

Or, why a crossover dish fit for kings, and probably improvised by a nawab in exile, has conquered Calcuttans across demographics. Manasi Shah reports. Photographs by Subhendu Chaki 

Food portals have 180 biryani brands registered with them. | Read»

On unlike roads with Sister Tact

How our traffic flaws overrun laws, and, alarmingly, often ourselves

AS I drove my mother to our local hospital in London last month, my younger sister informed me from the back seat that she would have to take a special driving lesson organised by the government.... | Read»

A very long Engagement

The tendril of a romance. An angered banishment. A telling. A counter-telling. A confrontation. A tale that germinated in Calcutta continues to be the romantics’ toast in faraway Romania. Upala Sen roped herself into it

At the time she said it, it meant little or nothing to her hosts. Teodora Miriam Chipei was visiting Calcutta for the first time and staying with a Bengali family. Sometime during her stay she... | Read»

When Bengal sneezes...

The fitness and yoga bug bit Calcutta long before Ramdev and Narendra Modi made it a regime regimen. Uddalak Mukherjee with the body of evidence, or several of them

Yet another National Akimbo Day has come and gone. Also known as the International Day of Yoga - the auspicious June 21 each year in the era of New India - the event is marked by patriotic citizens... | Read»

Keep the Faith, fashionably

Muslim women the world over are making a visual treat of traditional wear, says Sonia Sarkar

Shazia Bargathullah's Instagram page, the_devil_wears_parda, has photographs of herself in trendy hijabs. The hashtags run thus - zipperhijab, indowesternfashion, hautehijab, hijabiandfab,... | Read»