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Thursday , June 22 , 2017

The wellness circle by LSG seeks the secret to being healthy and happy

The latest endeavour of the Ladies Study Group (LSG) came to fruition with the launch of The Wellness Circle on June 13 at Taj Bengal. An enriching panel discussion was the main attraction of the event, featuring three guest speakers — holistic health guru Mickey Mehta; founder of VLCC Vandana Luthra and former supermodel Nayanika Chatterjee. Moderated by communications consultant Nilaanjana Chakraborty, the panel of health and fitness experts spoke on all things wellness, paying special attention to the predetermined theme of the main elements that sustain life — air, water, fire, earth and metal.

“Rediscovering the secret of wellness with three ageless, charismatic stalwarts was a really rejuvenating experience. Their invaluable insights and outlook on positivity and the essence of wellness truly inspired all of us. We have a sequence of interactive wellness events planned for the year and our forthcoming one is going to involve a renowned nutritionist,” said Namrata Sureka (picture inset), president, LSG.

Here’s why t2 wants to do the whole early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise routine!

Text: Priyam Marik
Pictures: Pabitra Das

NAYANIKA CHATTERJEE defines beauty and wellness, emphasises the importance of education and spells out her own wellness mantra in vowels

♦ Being fair and thin are not what beauty entails. I have a dark complexion and have never felt insecure or inferior as a result of it, and nobody should. Others have tried to give me a complex regarding my complexion, but I have been successful in evading such attempts.

♦ Everyone is special in their own way and wellness is about identifying and working on these special attributes. You Are Your Own Competitor. I don’t think there’s any use in constantly comparing yourself with somebody you cannot be. Instead, you should focus on making the most of what you have.

♦ For models or any professional with a short shelf life, education becomes of great value as a fallback plan for the future. Even otherwise, education is what makes us broaden our horizons of understanding and shape our perceptions, both of which go a long way in defining wellness.

♦ I have a very simple mantra to wellness based on the five vowels — A for Awareness and Acceptance. E for Expectations, that is, not having any. I for the Individual and the need to think beyond the I. O for Others. U for Understanding.

VANDANA LUTHRA says good nutrition and diligent skin care hold the keys to wellness

♦ Nutrition is the foundation upon which wellness is based. If you eat properly, you may not even need to use products to maintain your skin. We need to watch what we eat and have adequate knowledge about the same.

♦ I have always been an advocate for natural products. Papaya, coconut oil, avocado, tulsi, to name a few, always tend to be effective. Have a lot of water, at least 10 glasses every day along with your fair share of almonds, walnuts and raisins. At the same time, it’s essential to do an in-depth skin analysis so that you don’t end up using something that is not conducive for your skin.

♦ The Balancing Act for Women: Indian women, in particular, are continuously having to juggle their professional and personal responsibilities. The same holds true for me, but I enjoy it. I think striking a balance helps to channelise the positive energies which in turn assists overall functioning of the body and mind.

MICKEY MEHTA tells you how to “mickeymise” your life

♦ Wellness is about being centred or attaining the shunya state of balance. All the elements in your body need to be balanced so that no single component has an overpowering affect. The resultant calmness and relaxation is what brings about wellness.

♦ It is important to tune and synchronise your bodily rhythms with those of nature. So, wake up with the sun and go to bed soon after sunset. Go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine and make sure you can strike a harmony with the cycles of nature.

♦ Proteins are overrated. We are humans, and we need not eat like animals. The protein we derive from pulses and other vegetarian food items is sufficient. What we eat makes us who we are, so we must choose wisely.

♦ Much before nutrition, there are basic activities that can make us feel better. For instance, painting, playing music, composing poetry or even being romantic are all actions that make us feel happy and accentuate the life force within us.


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