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Thursday , June 22 , 2017

Su-Kriti & you

- We didn’t like the film but we did like the effortless styles channelled by Raabta’s Saira and Shiv. Stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania decodes the look for t2

Some of my favourite items would be a soft, oversized army jacket that Kriti wears in the bridge sequence. It is a soft apricot. Sushant’s look is extremely clean. He is a boy from Punjab who goes to Budapest. There is a slow transition… you see him develop as a character.
t2 likes: The careless casual look and cool accessorisation. And, oh yes, the layering is always smart!

In terms of the contemporary look, I was very keen to make Kriti and Sushant’s characters seem very real, regular people. These are not people who follow fashion or are trying to be fashionable. They are real people who go about their business. In the home sequences, you’ll see there is a new approach to the way I have styled the characters.
t2 likes: The ‘we-know-you’ vibe! 

We have mixed many trends, like the stripe trend, the banker stripe, with the overall which is denim... just playing around with trends like a real girl would. They like to put it together to their comfort... it’s fun without being in your face.
t2 likes: Stripes are cool. And the one in black and white, a classic. 

Kriti is a character who has a slightly whimsical side to her… very subtle… she makes chocolates in the film… she is passionate. There is a light side to her. I have used that to my advantage. I have a few vintage pieces with some young street-style elements as well.    
t2 likes: Fun tees? We like!

The hottest stars of summer fashion for Anaita are…

I think the hottest stars are people that embrace the season and wear summer whites and loose clothes or tiny clothes. I don’t want to see any boots or jeans. Keep it cool… keep yourself ventilated, basically. Lots of shoulder showing… nicely summer-kissed shoulders are perfect for summer. White is always in, but black is a huge trend as well. The clothes have to be really small. Also, a lot of off colours like apricot, mint green, mustard… these are all very big this summer.... I am wearing a lot of oversized, loose clothes with wide-legged, loose pants… they are perfect for summer. And lots of light shirt dresses.

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