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Thursday , June 22 , 2017

Lexical shifts in politics

The right wing loves the word, 'pseudo'. A volatile devotion to authenticity evidently leads to an intense loathing for what Holden Caulfield called 'phoneyness'. The right wing expresses this loathing without any of Caulfield's sweet teenage disc......   | Read..

Bridge over troubled waters

I attended my first ever iftar in Kidderpore recently. The event had been organized by two philanthropic groups - Association Social Network to Assist the People and Right ......   | Read..

Heroic past

Powerful leaders earn the right to give their fancy full play simply by virtue of being powerful leaders. Fair enough. If the prime minister of India, carried into his chai......   | Read..

Black out

Appearances can be deceptive. With 56-inch chests and surgical strikes without and within, the electorate is being invited to gaze at a 'macho' government, a 'strong' State......   | Read..

Get the picture

Like the proverbial, myth-ridden ostrich, they are known to bury their heads under the earth for days and emerge unscathed. Sometimes they stand, limbs akimbo, supposedly p......   | Read..

Nights without beginning that had no end. Talking about a past as if it'd really happened. Telling themselves that this time next year, things were going to be different. - RAYMOND CARVER