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Saturday , June 17 , 2017

'I was scared to death'

SUBODH MISHRA (picture right) was on the Malipanchghara-Sealdah minibus when it overturned on Howrah bridge on Friday morning. The graphic designer, who fractured his left hand, shared with Metro the trauma he went through

I was standing in the aisle and reaching for my wallet to pay the fare when the bus came to a screeching halt with a huge jerk. A couple of seconds later, the bus overturned to its left with a massive loud thud and the passengers were flung off their positions.

I fell on some of the passengers who were seated in the left row. Passengers seated in the right row landed on me.

I felt a searing pain in my left shoulder. A passenger next to me was carrying a handbag, whose strap got tied to my neck.

Inside the overturned bus it was one huge tangled mass of passengers, each screaming for help and gasping for breath. The heat inside was insufferable.

A college student who was was seated just in front of me was crying. So were a few women and children.

I somehow managed to disentangle myself.

It was rush hour and the constant thought of another bus or some other vehicle moving at a high speed crashing into us scared me to death.

Fortunately, we were spared another disaster.

I reached for my cellphone which I had kept in a trouser pocket but failed to find it. It might have been flung away.

We were trapped for close to seven minutes. Each minute seemed like eternity.

I managed to gather my wits and helped others leave through the windows. Some people had already mounted the right side of the bus, which was now facing the sky, and helping the trapped passengers get out.

With the help of another youth, I dragged out some women and children from below the seats. I could not move my left hand, so the right hand was all I could offer to the distressed passengers.

The cops meanwhile smashed the front windshield and created another exit. I left the bus through the front. When I finally came out, my legs were hurting so much that I could hardly stand.

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