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| Sunday, June 4, 2017 |


It's My Party!

And it’s political. If rock music is getting louder, it’s the big daddies that are making all the noise, forcing the changing world to listen in. Shantanu Datta puts his ears to the strumming

Right from the ashes of life I learned to behave What to believe, what not to say, from cradle to grave Ah... like a good little slave... I surrender to fate No pity, no pity Don't want no pity for me in this filthy cell I'll see you in hell | Read»

With Blocks of Marble Unmade

The Remembrance of Things Past

In 1828, Raja Rammohun Roy founded the Brahmo Samaj to reform the Hindu religion. In January 1830, its first prayer house was consecrated in north Calcutta's Chitpur Road, close to the Tagore... | Read»

The knot, it's a knot no more

A marriage bureau in Gujarat is facilitating gay marriages. What does this trend say about the future lives of homosexuals in India? Sonia Sarkar reports

After years of dilly-dallying, Vishal, a marketing manager with a pharmaceutical company, decided to get married. The news far from pleased his parents. First, they threw a fit, then dragged him to... | Read»

The Collector of Scattered Memories

From an adolescent crush to a full-blown love affair, Prasun Chaudhuri tells the story of a collector's pursuit of the arts

Devajit Bandyopadhyay's south Calcutta lair is decently sized at 1,100 or so square feet. Nevertheless, once inside, you feel like you have been squeezed into a matchbox. All the narrow passages,... | Read»