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Saturday , April 22 , 2017

Off with the lights

All VIPs are equal but some are more equal than others. They know the beacon ban is as deceptive as demonetization. Ashoka pillar on the fender and flag on the bonnet to say nothing of screeching motorcycle pilots and escort cars will always ...   | Read..

Different Notes

India has much to worry about when a protest against sound pollution turns into an issue that divides society...   | Read..

Documenting life as it happened seemed like a way of not experiencing it. As if posing for photographs, or focusing on what to save and call a souvenir, made the present instantly the past. You had to choose one or the other was Everly's feeling. Try to shape a moment into a memory you could save and look at later, or have the moment as it was happening, but you couldn't have both. - RACHEL KUSHNER

Exploring everyday objects
Visual Arts
It's fairly taken for granted now, a 100-plus years after the innovations were introduced. But collage-making and the concept of objets trouvés, ravenously co-opting into 20th-century art al......   | Read..
Remote settings
British genres of stage entertainment drive the new productions of two recently-formed city groups led by veterans. After debuting with Joe Orton's subversive bedroom comedy What the Butler Sa......   | Read..
Elusive moment
In the Buddha's Grace (February 25-March 26), at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Purkayastha imagines satori literally as light pouring into cavernous spaces from openings in the wall and l......   | Read..