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Tuesday , March 21 , 2017

Negligence cry as boy risks losing arm

March 20: The family of an 11-year-old boy, who was electrocuted recently and now risks losing his arm, today lodged a medical negligence complaint against NRS hospital with Entally police station.

Rakesh Mondal was playing on the terrace of his house in Belghoria on March 5 when his right hand touched an electrical wire.

He was taken to College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital, a few kilometres from their home, his mother Gouri Mondal said. "Doctors said the hospital wasn't equipped to treat my son. They referred him to RG Kar hospital," she said.

"But doctors at RG Kar just wrote "referred" on a slip without bothering to explain why they could not admit him."

Rakesh was then taken to NRS Medical College and Hospital where he was admitted.

"Doctors didn't change the bandage on my son's arm for days," his mother said. "There were days when not a single doctor came to check on him."

Today's complaint against a state-run hospital comes within days of the passage of the clinical establishments bill, 2017, which aims to control private hospitals.

A doctor at NRS said there was no blood circulation in the boy's arm and gangrene had set in. The arm might have to be amputated to stop the infection from spreading to other parts of the body, the doctor said.

Hospital superintendent Hasi Dasgupta rubbished the charge that doctors had left the boy untreated. "We were trying to treat him conservatively with medicines. Doctors attending to him have given me a detailed report of the various stages of treatment," she said.

Rakesh was initially kept in the hospital's intensive care unit for two days, after which he was moved to the paediatric ward.

It was only after the family wrote to the hospital authorities that he was shifted to the plastic surgery ward on March 14, his mother said.

The arm was supposed to be amputated today but his mother did not consent to the surgery.

"We have formed a medical board. Doctors will review his condition tomorrow," NRS superintendent Dasgupta said.

Partha Dey, the deputy superintendent of College of Medicine & Sagore Dutta Hospital, told Metro that the hospital didn't have a burns unit or an intensive cardiac care unit, needed to treat people who are electrocuted.

A RG Kar hospital official said he would have to check the records to see if any bed was available in the intensive care unit when Rakesh was brought in.

The boy's family hasn't mentioned anything about being turned away from the two government hospitals on March 5 in their police complaint.

Missing child found

A 50-day-old girl child who was reported missing from the footpath along BB Ganguly Street this morning was found in the Anandapur area, off the Bypass, in the evening, police said.

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