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| Sunday, March 12, 2017 |



We are witnessing the consolidation of independent India’s second country-wide political entity. Sankarshan Thakur on the meaning of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s expanding footprint under Narendra Modi

BOOM! So mera gaon-mera desh it is. From remote rural pockets of Uttar Pradesh to far outposts like Manipur, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has gone deeper and farther than ever before. It is now - barring the chimeric flicker of the Janata... | Read»

In the womb of the dead, still life

The ghosts of Godhra and its aftermath still shiver about dissonantly

A TRAIN was rumbling into the station. This could have been a perfectly ordinary moment anywhere else in India. But not in Godhra. | Read»

The Great Global Laughter Challenge

So what's countering the climate of hate and intolerance best? Laughter, reports Sonia Sarkar

The fight is between puja and namaaz. Bhai, a Hindu boy, says, "Our God is the real God." | Read»

A Suitable Vacancy

Some companies in Mumbai have started hiring blind employees, but not out of charity. Prasun Chaudhuri reports

Inside an odourless laboratory, Chanchal is engrossed in work. The countertops and shelves are lined with bottles of perfumes. From time to time, the 28-year-old picks up a thin strip of paper from... | Read»

This Holi, go Gatka

Calcutta's Sikh community has discovered a new affinity with an ancient tradition, reports Manasi Shah

Browsing through the social media page of Sukhbinder Singh, you cannot help but notice - he's different. Every second post of this college student is an image or a video of him in traditional... | Read»

The Bounty of a Mutiny

An art project that will challenge the way we relate to history has set sail. Upala Sen has the story

There could have been no better time to set afloat such an art work. Nor more ironic. At a time when nationalism has become a tug o' war issue, artist Vivan Sundaram has dived into the annals of... | Read»