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| Sunday, March 5, 2017 |


Mera Gaon
Mera Desh

Sankarshan Thakur reports from Varanasi on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made himself the man to beat in the UP election

As our aircraft comes to a halt at its appointed slot and the doors are about to be slid open, the crew is taken by a panicked flurry. The cockpit commands the slides armed again, the passengers are ordered back to their seats and belted. The... | Read»

Come spring to your feet, it's Spring

The rallying cry of students has become a thing to behold and celebrate this season

PERHAPS FOR the first time, the orchids at Viceregal Lodge - the residence of Delhi University's vice-chancellor - had to vie for attention with V.C. Yogesh Tyagi. This was the day after the... | Read»

I married a Maoist

Swati Sengupta gets up close with Ranjit Pal and wife Anita, both Leftist ultras who recently surrendered, and tells a very personal tale

On a public holiday the stretch outside Lalbazar, the Kolkata Police's headquarters, is unusually deserted. I am still dizzy from the events of the day before, when my father passed away. And when... | Read»

We are at Sweet Street

Upala Sen discovers an aspect of Calcutta rarely known but exhaustively and painstakingly told

Magic Pocket Saving Bank - reads the black-and-white print advertisement from 1916, exactly a hundred years before demonetisation became a thing. The visual is of a plump hand holding what looks... | Read»

Crocodile Fears

Shifting, even expanding, human domains have brought upon frequent assaults by the feared Andaman salty. Prasun Chaudhuri spoke to experts on where to look for solutions 

Stretches of white sand, an aquamarine sea, plenty of sunshine, pretty, if not prettier than the islands of Southeast Asia or the Caribbeans - the Andaman Islands are quite the dream destination.... | Read»