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| Sunday, February 12, 2017 |


Yesterday Once More

Is the Uttar Pradesh election beginning to imitate the contours of Bihar 2015, or are the similarities remarkable but superficial? Sankarshan Thakur examines what’s akin, what isn’t 

No two elections are alike. But some are more alike than others. | Read»

Why we might call him Dear Donald

In strange ways, Trump can actually make America great again

A FEW days after the attacks of September 11, George Bush Jr. visited a mosque in Washington. He reiterated that Islam was a peaceful religion, that the fight against terrorism was not a fight... | Read»

Band, Baaja, Barbaad

Moumita Chaudhuri reports on what a struggle it has become for Calcutta's itinerant bands to get into crisp livery and strike up a happy tune

For a place that is supposed to be the den of bandwallahs, M.G. Road is only reasonably noisy. The lane behind north Calcutta's College Street is littered with shops with names like Hindustani... | Read»


The connoisseur tea spot has long been owned by Darjeeling. Now Assam's brewing a cup. Roopak Goswami reports

Tang poet Yuan Zhen's ode to tea is a pagoda poem; so called because it mimics the structure of the pagoda intrinsic to Buddhist culture and Chinese life. Pointy top. Multiple layers. Delicate... | Read»