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Wednesday , February 8 , 2017

t2 gets you a sneak peek of Sanjay Garg’s upcoming showcase at 85 Lansdowne

What: Sanjay Garg Festive presented by 85 Lansdowne
Where: 85 Lansdowne
When: February 8-9; 11am-7.30pm

The last time we chatted with Sanjay Garg when he was in Calcutta, the Chhatarpur-based designer was strolling through a rich Vana, a line of saris inspired by Indian plants. This time too he is getting a slice of the same uninhibited nature to Calcutta with Monkey Business, a line from his stitched garments label Sanjay Garg. And, true to Sanjay’s thought process, it’s layered at many levels. Sanjay calls it a “mad” collection. “It’s my question about why we take everything so seriously... it’s making fun of all the societal rules,” he tells us. There is a philosophical angle too. “Monkey also symbolises ‘mind’ in Jainism. Buddha was monkey in his last birth. The whole collection is inspired from the Sanchi Stupa and Buddhism,” he explains. Sanjay really wanted to play with the monkey motif. “I didn’t find the ‘monkey’ in the textile vocabulary. They are mischievous, playful, notorious and intelligent.” So, the monkey motif is splashed on greys, deep greens and charcoals. 

From one story to another. From a new story to a going back to classics which “do not need change”. From Monkey Business to a new festive range by Sanjay Garg, the second sampling from the stitched range to be showcased at 85 Lansdowne. “This collection is all about what I think will always remain classic, like a Kerala sari, and what classic designs mean and how you take it forward,” he says. Chaand bootis, crescent moon, ashrafi coins and rich hues make this occasion wear line.

And, if Sanjay Garg is around, can his signature Raw Mango be far behind? Expect a range of Raw Mango classics  to pop from his trunk too!   

“It is always a pleasure showcasing Raw Mango by Sanjay Garg at 85 Lansdowne for his eclectic style statements” — Pooja Goenka, partner, 85 Lansdowne

“Sanjay Garg’s flair for using traditional techniques to create magic in a youthful, contemporary fashion appeals across age groups and makes his collections unique” — Shalini Nopany, director, 85 Lansdowne 

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