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| Sunday, February 5, 2017 |


The Chinese are learning... Chinese

But why? Because China's emergence as a global economic powerhouse is quietly seducing the diaspora homeward. Upala Sen sniffs out the story

Achipur - might sound like a sneeze, but it is more a hiccup. That's how the bumpy ride is from the Komagata Maru Budge Budge station to this small township on the banks of the Hooghly, 33 kilometres southwest of Calcutta.  | Read»

For the night, the forest nearest to town

Bastar has contrary reasons to suspect the outsider

DARKNESS IS beginning to fall; I am in search of a hotel room in Jagdalpur. Two hotels have turned me away. They don't give out rooms to single women. The third offers me a room, but with a... | Read»

The Past as tool for Future Shock

Habib is a Delhi-based historian and author

The past has always been a contested terrain in India, even elsewhere. Every one of us has an opinion about it like most of us have about cricket. It is immaterial whether we ever played the game... | Read»

No ground beneath her feet

The nachnis of Purulia are dying unsung, and so is an art form. Sharmistha Ghosal reports

Postobala Debi is dancing. The 50-something nachni, or stage performer, is dressed in a cheap nylon sari, loud pink, and rippling with glitter and zari work. She is wearing giant plastic dahlias in... | Read»

My right, My fight

Something bothering you? Do what Bangaloreans are doing. Get up and seek correction. Varuna Verma reports a rising new trend

Naina Shankar, a Bangalore-based law student, was appalled at the mass molestation horror on Brigade Road on New Year's Eve. She promptly created a WhatsApp group of college friends and invited... | Read»