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| Sunday, January 8, 2017 |



Kavitha Shanmugam plots the scheme that turned Sasikala Natarajan from Jayalalithaa's shadowy companion to supreme commander of the AIADMK

She was a beautiful, haughty actress, only in her mid-thirties but already closing on the twilight of a glorious career in the movies. She was lonely, closeted with her novels in a sprawling Madras bungalow. Her domineering mother was dead, the... | Read»

Park Street Santa, clause attached

Crossings - Beneath the dazzle of celebratory lights, a myriad shadows play

THE EVENING was a litany of casualties. Someone used a problem adjective, someone else misplaced a phone, and then we lost the reserved table at the nooky Park Street restaurant to an... | Read»

Meats We Also Eat

It's winter, the high season of dining. Ever wondered how many varieties of flesh we consume as a nation? Take a guess, with Sonia Sarkar

The meat is boiled in water with salt and chilli. No spices, no oil. Leafy vegetables and ginger added as garnish. Sometimes, the fresh meat is roasted on a spit or smoke-dried and preserved in... | Read»

In your face, the menace

Thermal burns might heal. Acid burns corrode both body and psyche. Often, Sharmistha Ghosal reports, we do little

She is nine years old. Hasn't had her fill of hopscotch or kit-kit or whatever it is that girls her age play, but for every day for two years now she has understood little by little that she must... | Read»

Wake-up Walls

Even the busiest of commuters don't mind slowing down when they take the Bangalore Metro, says Prasun Chaudhuri. Here's why

It all began with the Peenya metro station two years ago. The station walls, outer and inner, suddenly blossomed into expression. Murals, totems, illustrations...If you happen to be in Bangalore... | Read»