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Friday , January 6 , 2017
Salt Lake

Gifts 2017

HEALTH   | Read..

New year and old notes

Let’s talk about money. Crisp and shiny and new. Like the brand new year ahead. Are we ready to live with it? The jury is out still. But Salt Lake has coped well with...   | Read..

Fish feast on waterfront

A veritable feast is being laid out this weekend for folks who swear by the fish on their plate. The department of fisheries, jointly with the Indian Chamber of Commerce...   | Read..

Brunch on the rooftop 

If your idea of winter mornings is to wake up at leisure and have breakfast well into the afternoon, the new year has answered your prayers. Abcos Food Plaza, in IB Block,...   | Read..

Dial a dish or three

Chowman, the Chinese speciality chain, has opened a take-away counter on VIP Road, opposite Haldiram’s. This is the third take-away outlet of Chowman after those in...   | Read..

Show time for canines

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) were being “stacked” by their handlers all over the ground; Shih Tzus were getting their hair tied with colourful clips. Some lucky...   | Read..

Contest call

Send your entries, preferably in English, to The Telegraph Salt Lake. Each contestant should attempt at least two pictures. Each entry should not be longer than 12 words....   | Read..
Rinku Bhadra is from Rekha Chitram, CK Block