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Saturday , December 17 , 2016

The future frontiers

One wonders whether the coup in Tata Steel is cause or effect of Brexit. Cyrus Mistry was trying to get rid of a frighteningly unprofitable - losing £1 million a day - asset that nevertheless made Tata, according to David Cameron, the second......   | Read..


There are some political careers that have an inordinately long gestation. Rahul Gandhi's emergence is a case in point. His father's political career, in contrast, had no g......   | Read..

Loneliness is difficult to confess; difficult too to categorise. Like depression... it can run deep in the fabric of a person, as much a part of one's being as laughing easily or having red hair. Then again, it can be transient, lapping in and out in reaction to external circumstance, like the loneliness that follows on the heels of a bereavement, break-up or change in social circles. Like depression, like melancholy or restlessness, it is subject too to pathologisation, to being considered a disease. It has been said emphatically that loneliness serves no purpose... but I don't think any experience so much a part of our common shared lives can be entirely devoid of meaning. - OLIVIA LAING

Journey to the calm centre
Visual Arts
It's a truism that an artist's sensibility is reflected in her or his work. But it bears repeating in the context of two shows in the city and the palpable contrast between the ethereal lightness o......   | Read..
Interesting experiments
The Sabhagar Theatre Festival laudably turned annual this year, and hosted three international shows. Monologuist Daniel Bye, brought by British Council, called his The Price of Everything (picture......   | Read..
Creative dullness
A work of art, in order to qualify as one, must possess some aesthetic autonomy - it must be able to defy, or even transcend, the demands of the market or the conditions imposed by the age of mecha......   | Read..