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Friday , December 16 , 2016
Salt Lake

Path to pedal on

By early next year, part of New Town’s network of roads would get dedicated cycle tracks. The move is expected to make the streets safer for cyclists as well as drivers and pedestrians, and...   | Read..

Civic app to end queues, help file taxes

By April next year, you may be logging into a mobile app to complain about that fused streetlight in front your house. You would click its picture, upload it to the app,...   | Read..

Thirty years of rhythm & raga 

Grammy-winning classical musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt will play the Mohan veena at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan auditorium on Sunday. His performance will be the final act of...   | Read..

Troubles the mailman faces

Fourteen letter boxes in the New Town area have gone “smart”. If you drop a letter in any of these, you can track whether the box has been cleared. The department of post...   | Read..

Mail bag

• Since Bangur book fair is accepting old currency notes I’m sure more books will get sold there (“Sleuths in focus at Bangur book fair”, published...   | Read..

Going herbal, in the garden

No garden is complete without a few herbs. They are prized for their culinary uses, make decorative plants and are worth growing for their aroma alone.     | Read..

My garden

Gardening is not just a source of pleasure for Durga Sankar Roy, it is also his way of exercise. After all he goes up to his terrace garden at least 10 times a day. And the...   | Read..

Match point

1940-2008   | Read..
A pond near New Town’s Balaka Abasan was found to have been partially filled up recently....   | Read..