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| Sunday, December 11, 2016 |


Chill out zones

Intrepid Indians are now heading off for winter breaks from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica and other icy destinations, says Aarti Dua

Calcutta businessman Pradeep Agrawal, 54, likes to call himself a “polar bear”. That’s  because he loves the cold. So, come February 2017, and he and his wife, Manju, will fly off to Ushuaia in Argentina, the world’s... | Read»

Screening winners

Film clubs for diehard movie buffs are thriving despite other digital distractions and the visual treasure trove on YouTube, says Saimi Sattar

It’s a film club that’s ahead of the pack. At its mini-theatre in Bandra, Enlighten presents film fanatics with the latest virtual reality offerings from around the world. It has also created its own multi-part virtual... | Read»

An arty atelier

Sculptor Narayan Sinha’s creative pad is compact, clutter-free and filled with his installation art, says Sarbani Sen

Narayan Sinha is best-known for creating artworks with junked automobile parts and metal scrap — car pipes, sewing machines, old locks and more. He brings heaps of it into his bachelor pad in Panditiya Road in Calcutta.  | Read»

Egg extravaganza

The most exotic dishes around the world can be transformed by adding an egg or two, says Rahul Verma

My friend Shamsad, who, I am sure, is painting up there somewhere, taught me a keema dish that I can never forget. You cook keema with masalas, and then, when it is almost done, you make holes in the keema. You break an egg into each hole, drizzle... | Read»

A quirkier edge

Entrepreneur Natasha Jain’s online store Bent Chair offers eye-catching furniture and home décor items that come with a creative twist, says Anupma Mishra

Imagine a toaster that doesn’t toast but is actually a teapot that promises many steaming cups of tea. Or a horse-drawn carriage to hold your favourite wine bottle and cheese and even faux botanics to decorate your home. | Read»

A discovery of India

India was an enjoyable ride on the wild side for a usually fussy foreign friend, says Rishad Saam Mehta

Jump in ma’am, the water is refreshing and it is India’s holiest river after all,” said our river guide. We were on an inflatable raft riding some imaginatively named rapids on the Ganga. Rishikesh was our first halt on a... | Read»

Right on track

With the Charge 2, Fitbit has cemented its place at the top of the heap of fitness trackers, says Tushar Kanwar

In a world where smartwatches are still trying to nail down their raison d'être, activity trackers, on the other hand (quite literally!) are doing quite well, thank you.  | Read»

Living for laughs

Stand-up comedian Jamie Lever did a 10-minute gig at one of her father's shows and has never looked back

Life, I believe, is all about different turning points -- and my life has been shaped by many milestones. In school I wasn’t inclined towards studies and was unclear about my goals. But my parents -- especially my father Johny Lever who... | Read»