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Thursday , December 1 , 2016

Inclusive banking

On the evening of November 8, I had just reached Mumbai when I heard the news from my wife that 500 and 1,000 rupee notes will no longer be legal tender from the next day. I usually do not carry cash but since I was travelling I had withdrawn four......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Hopeful note

• Sir - It is heartening that the Central government has acknowledged HIV-r... | Read»

Lost melody

• Sir - The demise of the Carnatic singer, M. Balamuralikrishna, has left a... | Read»

Violent nation

• Sir - November 25 is observed as International Day for the Elimination of... | Read»

Fiery words

• Sir - Recently, the National Investigation Agency carried out searches in... | Read»

Link failure

• Sir - Construction for the New Garia to airport Metro corridor is present... | Read»

Parting shot

• Sir - An era in music has come to an end with the death of the Canadian m... | Read»


Thin skin

A humourless nation is no laughing matter. This was emphasized by a justice of the Delhi High Court, when he suggested that growing intolerance has ended up endangering &qu......   | Read..

Shrinking world

Russia has wanted to register its self-righteous anger by dumping the International Criminal Court, which it accuses of being biased. But there could be more than petulance......   | Read..

Strange demand

Chinese Muslims have just been given a talking-to by the government. Ironically, the occasion for the barely-veiled warning was the national congress of the Islamic Associa......   | Read..

The man who becomes god

A bohurupee reveals to Uddalak Mukherjee that the lines separating identity and impersonation can be diffused
Gregor Samsa, the salesman in The Metamorphosis, had woken up to find himself transformed into a giant insect. I was reminded of Franz Kafka's novella as I watched Trilochon Das slowly change himse......   | Read..

Badge of dishonour

Potent symbol
Following a significant legal debate on curbing the use of religion to seek votes, a seven-judge bench of the Supreme Court said that elections are a secular exercise and religion should be separat......   | Read..

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