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Thursday , December 1 , 2016

One Indian guy & his formula for success

One could say Chetan Bhagat — with 15 million books in print and Rs 800cr at the Bollywood box office — is “one Indian guy” who knows a thing or “five” about success. On Wednesday, the banker-turned-writer-turned-columnist-turned-film producer shared his idea of success and some practical tips to achieve one’s long-term goals with 1,000-plus students of classes XI and XII at a session titled Turning Point, presented by SRM University, in association with The Telegraph, at Swabhumi. 

“Success means different things to different people — from fame to riches, achieving goals to inner contentment. And a person’s idea of success keeps changing with age. In the context of students, success is largely defined in terms of career. There is a word in Hindi — aukaat. It’s unique to our country, the English word ‘status’ doesn't quite give the same feeling. Ours is an aukaat-based society, a feudal society. So, here’s my simple definition — success is exceeding your aukaat,” 
said Bhagat. 

Prabir K. Bagchi, the vice-chancellor of SRM University and an alumnus of IIEST, Shibpur (right in picture above), urged the youngsters to have a vision not only for their own success but also for their state and their country. “One must innovate to prosper.

We need imagination, introspection and innovation. It is very important for us to stop being job-seekers and become job-makers,” said Bagchi, who holds a Phd in business administration from The University of Tennessee, US.

“The talk was insightful and enlightening. I learnt how one should take an important decision. I think what makes Chetan Bhagat such a sought-after author is his hard work and passion for what he does,” said Atri Baksi, a Class XII student of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. 

To know the Five Point Someone writer’s six-point approach to success and why education is a recurring theme in his novels, keep an eye on t2 on Saturday.

Pictures by B. Halder

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