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| Sunday, November 27, 2016 |


Game on!

The action’s fast and furious as e-gaming takes off in India, says Paran Balakrishnan

It’s a highly regimented schedule that’s not much different from top-level athletes.  | Read»

The real deal 

Drawing inspiration from reality, director Gauri Shinde’s ready to regale audiences yet again with her newest film, says Sushmita Biswas

Director Gauri Shinde, 42, likes to say that she’s a sucker for “subtle and simple stories”. Her debut film English Vinglish was one of 2012’s unexpected hits and revolved around the everyday tale of a... | Read»

Floral fiesta

Get your home into full bloom with tips from floral artists Baisakhi and Romit Ghosh. By Yashodeep Sengupta 

The festive season has been declared open and the winter chill is setting in — a perfect excuse to host smart parties at home. And when it comes to doing up your place for a party, nothing can beat the elegance of fresh flower... | Read»

The Malay way

Malaysian cuisine’s famous for its rice dishes which are an elaborate blend of Indian and Southeast Asian elements, says Rahul Verma

There is, I must admit, something about rice. The mind boggles at the many ways it’s cooked across the world.  We have our biryani, pulao, tahiri and khichri. But elsewhere, too, rice takes different forms — and I, for one,... | Read»

Waltzing through Vienna

The Austrian capital, with its magnificent palaces and old buildings, still has its imperial aura and oozes charm, says Arundhati Basu

Vienna stole in upon us on a gusty summer’s night and caught me unawares after a slightly subdued start to our weekend break. | Read»

Getting up to speed

Give your car a smart technology upgrade with these five apps, says Tushar Kanwar

From Apple to Google to Samsung, everyone’s looking to the car as the next wave of opportunity and innovation, and the smart and hyper-connected car segment is the one to watch. But what if you’ve bought a... | Read»

A balancing act

Sammir Dattani landed a role in a music video by chance and is now balancing his acting career with running his family’s textile business

The first and most significant turning point in my life was my music video Valentine’s Day in which I appeared in 1998. I was in first year college pursuing a bachelor’s degree in commerce when a friend told me that Rajshri... | Read»