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Friday , November 25 , 2016
Salt Lake

What's Salt Lake watching

Television. An eye into the world for some, idiot box for others. A waste of time for some, lifelong companion for others. November 21 was World Television Day and The Telegraph Salt Lake spoke to...   | Read..

Diabetes meet at Swapno Bhor

Almost 300 people took part in a diabetes care programme at Swapno Bhor, the senior citizens’ park in New Town, on November 13 in a bid to learn more about the...   | Read..

Click your township

I am a student of Indian Institute of Hotel Management, in Sector V, with a passion for photography.    | Read..

New line of guard at Mother Int’l

As student leaders are you ready to abide by our school’s rules and regulations?    | Read..

Mt Everest to Techno India

She was nearly married off at the age of 14, but she fought back. Not only did the gritty Haryana girl go on to complete her education but she also became a mountaineer,...   | Read..

Grace on twinkle toes

The stage looked as if a bevy of swans had descended, swaying gracefully to the music of Chopin and Strauss and engaging the audience such that they couldn’t look...   | Read..

Students past ’n’ present in ball fight

Move over IPL and ISL, it’s time for APL! In its second edition, Auro Premiere League - 2016 is the soccer tournament of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education (SAIE).    | Read..

Concerns of pedestrians

♦ I was hit by a speeding car recently at the crossroads between CD and CE blocks. Luckily I escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the car helped me to my feet...   | Read..

Green camouflage for mobile towers

If you’ve used the EM Bypass of late you’ll have noticed a giant grey coconut tree towering over the water body near Chingrihata. Well, it’s not a tree, it’s a mobile tower...   | Read..

Dec date for revamped Matri Sadan opening

Matri Sadan is aiming for a December reopening after two false starts and three years of lying in a limbo.    | Read..
What's Salt Lake watching