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Sunday , October 30 , 2016

Tones of an odd October

The second half of September and almost all of October have brought a long arpeggio of beautifully clear sunny days to London and most of the country. Occasionally the days have started with an overcast sky, banished by nine am or so, as the sun g......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Check the guards

Sir - We often find the police checking for helmets and seat belts to ensur... | Read»

Raging questions

Sir - The horrific accident at the ICU of a hospital in Bhubaneswar ("Sever... | Read»


Always in the loop

Paradox may be the spice of life, but spices can be too hot. Or sour. Or bitter. And in this fast-changing world, new paradoxes spring up every day. One of the latest may b......   | Read..
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When you're young, you think you have all the answers. You're right wing or you're left wing and the other side is a bunch of idiots. You know. When you get a little older, though, you start to more and more see the grays. Now I understand that true idiots are the ones who are certain they have the answers. It is never that simple. Do you know what I mean? - HARLAN COBEN