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| Sunday, October 9, 2016 |


The Pujas at last, and again

Every day, for everyone, something shifts, something changes. And so also, every week and every month and every year.  Good things, bad things, sad things, new things, keep flowing with time, the crazy wandering minstrel, at once aloof and... | Read»

The Purut of Munshiganj

Sheikh Jahangir is a Muslim but he is also the priest and overseer of a rare rite of harmony — a really, really small-scale Durga Puja in Kidderpore. Sharmistha Ghosal reports. Photographs by Subhendu Chaki   

On Mahasaptami, Sheikh Jahangir gets up well before the sun, walks to the ghat - a 12-minute distance - barefoot, bathes the kalabou of bended head and lush limbs, carries her back to the... | Read»

Everybody's mother and Nobody's children

What do the Pujas mean to Calcutta's street dwellers, especially the children? Pretty much. Sharmistha Ghosal finds out

It is the last weekend before Durga Puja. Gariahat Road, the busiest shopping district of south Calcutta, is bursting with last-minute shoppers. Quarrelling couples, haggling matrons, indulgent... | Read»

The new Mings of maple country, and a dynasty of food

A Chinese restaurant in Toronto is serving out an all-time Calcutta favourite

Yes, you heard right. A Chinese man in Canada, speaking fluent Bengali, has an authentic Calcutta Chinese food joint in Mississauga that has renamed the “American chop suey” on the menu... | Read»

Durga down the decades

Tradition may term Durga Puja, Akal Bodhan. But for us in Bengal and around, nothing is more reassuring than the Autumn Matriarch. This, year after year, over the decades, and in centuries to come.... | Read»

Swans don't sing when they die

Rabindranath Tagore, the poet, can never leave us. But the man did. Dr Amit Ghose tells the not-so-oft told tale of the laureate's last days

If there is someone who is perpetually present in the Bengali memory even after 75 years of his death, it is Rabindranath Tagore. The Bard of Bengal lives in his songs, poetry, stories and plays. | Read»