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| Monday, September 26, 2016 |


Indian, gas-trick

A US factory is using a catalyst invented in India to produce biofuel. G.S. Mudur reports

A choice Rajendra Srivastava made 20 years ago may now help the world fight air pollution and climate change. Then a student in Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh, he had just completed a BSc and had admission offers to pursue MSc in mathematics... | Read»

Large heart: not always good news

A sudden change in the structure of a single protein can cause cardiac attacks, says Prasun Chaudhuri

Do you just pop an antacid whenever you get a shooting chest pain? Well, don't always assume that the pain is caused by gas - something people in Calcutta blame for most of their physical ills - because it can also be caused by dilated... | Read»

Play to the top, please

My parents used to walk to school, a couple of kilometres both ways, in a chatty gaggle that built up a lifetime of friendships. Today's children take automated transport and barely have the time to talk for they are usually cramming - for unit... | Read»