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| Sunday, September 25, 2016 |


'We are in a tough place, but not thinking in war terms'

A TELEGRAPH EXCLUSIVE - Pakistan's Abdul Basit speaks to Sankarshan Thakur

Yearning and despairing are at once the coils of the India-Pakistan relationship, inescapably twined. From the optimistic high of Ufa last year to the smoking carnage of Uri last week, ties have taken another, and many would reckon predictable,... | Read»

...And in Mumbai, an Accidental Terrorist

Velly Thevar goes looking for the real Saquib Nachan, a gentle man who made violence his creed

At five feet two inches, Saquib Nachan looks like he could not harm a fly even if he tried. The former general secretary of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), is 58, frail,... | Read»

The moveable feast of Park Street; what's in, who's out?

Calcutta's darling avenue just added, quite literally, a foot note to itself

A STREET, as the lady almost said, is a street is a street. Ask the postman who delivers mail to 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. Or ask the Calcutta foodie who still swears by Mother Teresa Sarani -... | Read»

Us & US

As the countdown rolls on the first of three televised debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Charu Sudan Kasturi wonders how presidential the slugfest may really get. And what may be in it for Indians, if anything

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have traded insults, abuses and barbs for over a year now. But early Tuesday morning India time, the two will enter a gladiatorial contest neither has mastered so... | Read»

Cut, or it's Curtains

Sonia Sarkar reports the struggle theatre artistes are having to wage to keep the stage clear of scissor-happy censors

If you love your theatre, this may come as a surprise to you. Theatre goers, says the censor board of Maharashtra, only want to see "good things" being staged. | Read»

Tread with caution, you're in Cyberia

In Bengal, as elsewhere, online crime has turned rampant and remedy isn't coming easy. Sharmistha Ghosal has the story

Rate koto?" drawled the coarse voice at the other end. Earlier this year, Sakshi Mitra got the shock of her 19-year-old life when she started getting such calls. It was not long before the... | Read»