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Wednesday , September 7 , 2016

After the drench, the wade

Pockets of Calcutta remained waterlogged on Tuesday, hours after the season’s heaviest rain had ebbed. Chinar Park, Haldiram’s, Ram Mandir and Amherst Row in the north and Kasba, Golf Green and Behala in the south were among those battling water woes. Metro highlights life after the deluge

A rickshaw and a car off VIP Road

Chinar Park

The VIP Road-New Town connector is one of the usual suspects when it comes to flooding after a burst of heavy rain. On Tuesday, residents of housing complexes like Sriram Nagar and Space Town had a harrowing time reaching either VIP Road or the Chinar Park crossing. “Every time it rains, this area gets waterlogged. The water doesn’t recede even after the rain stops,” said Biswajit Chaudhuri, who lives in the neighbourhood.


A 1km stretch of the service road near the Haldiram’s bus stop was under knee to waist-deep water. Nirmalya Chatterji, a chemistry professor at the University of Engineering and Management in New Town, stepped out of his Kendriya Vihar apartment dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. “Every monsoon it’s the same story here. I have to be in college today; so I stepped out like this,” he told Metro.

CR Avenue, near Ram Mandir

Business in this central Calcutta stretch lined with shops selling everything from saris to accessories took a hit on Tuesday.  Shopkeepers in the lanes and bylanes near Ram Mandir said hardly a customer had showed up since morning. “I have not sold a single sari in two days. Who will come here if the entire area is waterlogged? I am suffering because the civic body has failed to do its job,” said Kamal Sharma, one of the aggrieved shop owners.

Amherst Row, 350 metres from the Maniktala crossing

The wall of a first-floor bathroom in a century-old house collapsed late on Monday, trapping Sabita Bose, a 70-year-old woman. Sabita was stuck when a portion of the wall landed on the staircase of the building, blocking the entrance adjacent to it. Firemen and police personnel rescued her after clearing the rubble. She was taken to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital and administered first aid. Ashish Kumar Bhar, a retired IIT professor who lives in the adjacent house, called the police after hearing the crash of concrete. 

“A crack had developed on the portion of the wall that collapsed a few years ago. We had recently asked the owners to repair it but they did not pay heed,” he said.

A train wades through submerged tracks at the Tikiapara carshed

APC Road, near the base of the Rajabazar flank of the Sealdah flyover

Rama Rani Basak, a 70-year-old woman, broke a leg and also injured her spinal cord when the first-floor verandah of her two-storey house collapsed on Tuesday morning. Rama had stepped out on the verandah of the house, built in 1856, to collect clothes that had been put out to dry. 

On foot across Tikiapara 

“We heard a huge sound and saw the entire verandah collapse. We somehow pulled out the elderly lady from the rubble,” said Ahmed Hussain, a neighbour.

Rama was first taken to NRS Medical College and Hospital, from where she was shifted to a nursing home near Kankurgachi.

Bicycle splash at Chinar Park


BB Chatterjee Road, off Bijon Setu, and its adjoining areas near Rathtala were under ankle-deep water for much of Tuesday. Many students were forced to skip school and some shop owners downed shutters earlier than usual. Shyamal Kanjilal, a resident of Baguiati visiting his daughter, stepped out around 11am to go home but got stuck. “My bike stalled. I had to return to my daughter’s house, pushing the bike through the stagnant water,” he recounted.

Golf Green

Ankle-deep water and rickshaws charging three times the normal fare summed up the neighbourhood’s plight. Debapriya Banerjee, a teacher who lives in Golf Green, said water bodies being filled up illegally had caused the flooding.

A 60ft banyan that fell across Rashbehari Avenue during the overnight rain. Picture by Pranesh Khan


Several pockets of Narayan Roy Road and KK Roy Chowdhury Road in Silpara were submerged in ankle to knee-deep water. Cars and two-wheelers sputtered while trying to cross these stretches. Hidden craters added to the misery of anyone on the move. “It is the same story after every shower. This water will take two days to recede,” said Soubhik Das, struggling to maintain his balance astride a bike on the waterlogged Narayan Roy Road.

Reporting by Snehal Sengupta and Debraj Mitra
Pictures by Bishwarup Dutta and Subham Jyoti

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