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| Sunday, September 4, 2016 |


Keeping it real

Moviemaker Shoojit Sircar has hit the jackpot with low-key, slice-of-life movies and now he's out to grab audiences with the courtroom drama, Pink, says Sushmita Biswas

For director Shoojit Sircar, it’s all about grabbing the audience’s attention and holding on to it with a slice-of-life moment and a tale that’s worth telling. The director, who is proud of his Bengali roots, puts it... | Read»

Senior moves

Stay in the fast track as you get older with carefully crafted fitness routines, says Shilpi Guha

It was a nasty shock for Bangalore-based architect Taufeeq Ahmed. When he retired after 35 years of building other people’s dreams, he and his wife decided to take a long-postponed vacation in the hills. But the holiday in the hills... | Read»

Turning over a new leaf

Chefs are combining the goodness of kulekhara leaves with everything from hummus to bacon to churn out a host of dishes that are both healthy and scrumptious, says Rahul Verma

Life, you will agree, is a school without a gong. I have always held that there is no end to one’s learning — but the belief hit me forcibly some days ago when I heard the word kulekhara. I learnt that it was a leaf that could be... | Read»

Mediterranean marvel

Malta is a sparkling Mediterranean jewel with a multilayered history that stretches back through the centuries, says Anirban Mahapatra

Less than 10 minutes before touchdown at Valletta International Airport, as the pilot politely asks his human cargo to buckle up and the landing gear open up with dull thuds, I look out of the aircraft window and realise with a start that I... | Read»

Smart timing

Titan's new Juxt Pro is a competent but bulky new competitor in the crowded smartwatch market, says Tushar Kanwar

Many have tried to earn the coveted spot on your wrist, but few have made a compelling case for smartwatches to become must-have  accessories. Can Titan, with all its years of experience in crafting desirable wrist pieces, do one different... | Read»

Comic turn

Actress Upasana Singh started out in a Rajasthani film but quickly realised she was good at getting laughs

Ever since I started making sense of the world, all I wanted to become was a ‘film heroine’. But the journey was fraught with struggle. For, my family vehemently  disapproved of my dreams and ambitions. But, determined to realise... | Read»