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app talk

App Talk
By Surit Doss

Are you game?

The Rio Olympics has made this game a rage on Google Play and Apple's App Store almost overnight. Developed by Finnish studio MotionVolt Games and released through, Flip Diving starts out with a warning that the dives you see in it are modelled after those done by professionals and you should not try to imitate them. A tutorial follows and you are good to go.

It is a one of those one-touch games. You can choose your diver who knows only one trick, a front flip. You hold down to prepare to jump. When you release your finger, he jumps off. You can tap and hold to get your diver to flip. When you release your finger he straightens out. The ideal position is to hit the water straight down, headlong or feet down straight. Otherwise your diver will land on his belly, which is a belly flop, and will end your round. You need to be really adept with your fingers and have quick reflexes to achieve the correct rotating position when he straightens out from different heights on the cliff. Once you get the grasp of the game, you will get hooked.

Chat expert

You may prefer WhatsApp to chat with your friends, but what if your buddies abroad prefer WeChat or Facebook Messenger? Instead of switching apps frequently, just download Franz to your computer and you will get all your chats on one dashboard. Franz is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you install it, you are taken to the to the main menu where you add all of the accounts that Franz can aggregate. Among the 23 messenger services Franz supports are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Skype, TweetDeck, Hangouts and even Gmail and Outlook.

If you have two different accounts on Facebook or WhatsApp, you can add each of them. It does not limit you to one account. Different business and private accounts in any of the services can easily be managed on one interface. The only tiresome thing is that you have to add each account individually if you use multiple computers. But for anyone using many chat clients, this is a great app, and it is free. Just download it from to give it a go.

Set reminder

Since its launch last year, Remind is being increasingly used in campuses all over the world to help teachers send messages, en masse or individually, to students and parents. This real-time messaging app, built just for education, is replacing unread emails and printed handouts. Using the app, teachers send messages to students and families without disclosing personal contact information. Students and families also do not have to divulge theirs. After a teacher signs up, a class code is shared with students (or parents) in each class. Students use the code to enrol, and, after a confirmation, they begin receiving all messages. Messages can also be translated into more than 70 languages.

A teacher account can include up to 10 classes with an unlimited number of students or parents a class. Remind is great for sending reminders about homework and assignments, but teachers can also use it to send photos, videos, and documents. It is available for both Apple and Android devices for free.