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| Sunday, August 28, 2016 |


Mr Churchill in Patna (Or, Mr Nitish Kumar)

The debate over the Bihar Chief Minister’s belligerent alcohol ban is more divided than the line between those who imbibe the spirits and those who don’t. Sankarshan Thakur reports

Someone got Bihar so drunk once upon a time that someone had to ruthlessly snatch the bottle away this April. The former someone and the latter one are the same person: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.In the first flush of victory back in 2005,... | Read»

Counter Vigilante

V. Kumara Swamy meets the emerging face of anger and resistance from the Prime Minister’s home state, and is told that the struggle is not about Dalits or Gujarat alone

Jignesh Mevani didn't see it coming. A protest over the flogging of four Dalit youths in Una in Gujarat last month by a mob that accused them of having slaughtered a cow snowballed into a massive... | Read»

Both mehfouz and sharif, once upon a Nile

There's far more to Cairo than Tahrir Square can hold

OMAR SHARIF would have liked to say goodbye from Tahrir Square. After all, it was this square that he looked upon from the balcony of his 28th floor suite in Hotel Semiramis in the heart of... | Read»

‘And for a long, long time there was
No word from you, not even a sign’ 

Anna Pasternak uncovers the heart-breaking story of the romance behind her great-uncle’s celebrated novel, Doctor Zhivago 

In 1935 Boris Pasternak, then aged 45, first spoke of his intent to write an epic Russian novel. And it was to my grandmother, his younger sister, Josephine (who married her Pasternak cousin, hence... | Read»

Method Man

Manoj Bajpayee tells Smitha Verma he's happy to be turned down, now that he can turn down in return

There is no respite for Manoj Bajpayee. And the actor is not complaining. He is now busy with a psychological thriller being shot in Delhi. "I am not allowed to say anything about it," he... | Read»

To leave Long John with no limb and no silver

On the high seas of the Internet a fierce battle unfolds as the film fraternity battles online film buccaneers. Kavitha Shanmugam reports

Rajinikanth's Kabali appeared online within hours of its theatre release despite an injunction from the Madras High Court restraining 169 Internet service providers (ISPs) from providing access to... | Read»