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| Sunday, August 14, 2016 |


An offbeat act

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is juggling a string of movie deals but he hasn’t forgotten the long, hard, lean years when he landed only brief, one-scene roles, says Saimi Sattar

Even though he’s now big-time, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui doesn’t know the meaning of taking it easy. “Since morning, I’ve been dubbing for Sohail Khan’s movie Freaky Ali. Then I followed that with a narration for four... | Read»

Going global

Calcutta’s foodscape is getting a mouth-watering makeover with a host of trendy eateries with offbeat culinary offerings, says Lubna Salim

Molecular mocktails that look like magic potions as liquid nitrogen is poured into the glass, tapas served in customised cazuela bowls from Spain, or Devilled Crab covered with molten cheese. What will it be? | Read»

A pilgrim’s progress

Christian pilgrims trek for over 800km to Santiago de Compostela, the medieval city in Spain where the apostle St James (the Greater) is buried, says Ranjita Biswas

I was walking along a path pilgrims had trodden for centuries. On the way, I came across many others from around the world, striding briskly and wishing each other “Buen camino!” That literally means “good path”, but more... | Read»

Mashed magic

Bhortas are the ultimate comfort food and an essential part of Bangladeshi cuisine, says Rahul Verma

Some years ago, I conducted an informal poll among friends on their favourite comfort food. Some said this, and some said that, but the dish that made many of my Bengali friends go all moony was sheddho or bhaatey bhaat. For those outside of... | Read»

Comfort zone

Anti-fit is all about easy breezy outfits that have been given a chic spin, says Radhika Sen

Gone are the days when ‘figure flattering’ was synonymous with body-hugging, tummy-tucking, take a deep-breath-before-putting-on clothing. And the Lakmé Fashion Week runways or even your most trusted style blogs have... | Read»

The bigger picture

You can take spectacular snaps with the latest smartphones if you’re armed with the right apps and accessories, says Tushar Kanwar

I’m the sort who swears by Chase Jarvis’ maxim that the best camera is the one that’s with you, which would explain why the bulk of my photos these days aren’t shot with a heavy camera kit hanging around my neck. | Read»

Rocking reality

Playback singer Abhijeet Sawant got his first foot on the ladder in a reality show but had a long slog after that

The biggest turning point in my life was winning the Indian Idol music contest in 2005. It became my springboard to playback singing in Hindi films and turned things around for me as I became a singing sensation overnight. After my win, I... | Read»