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Friday , August 12 , 2016
Salt Lake

11 and counting

IDIOM  The term “eleventh hour” is used to denote the last possible remaining time to get something done and implies a situation of urgency.  SCIENCE  When Neil Armstrong...   | Read..

11 giant leaps for mankind

1. LANDING ON THE MOON    | Read..

11 gifts from ancient India

Science City has raised a toast to India’s contribution to science. On the first floor of the newly built Science Exploration Hall is a gallery on the Science and...   | Read..

11 unusual trees

Did the devil uproot this tree and place it upside down? Do spirits possess it at night? Why do bats flock to its flowers? The African-origin Baobab has many myths attached...   | Read..

Made by microwave

SHEEKH KEBAB Ingredients Minced meat 500g, chana dal 100g, chopped onion 1tbsp, chopped ginger paste 2tbsp, yogurt 2tbsp, fennel powder 1tsp, black cardamom crushed- 4,...   | Read..

Tigers terrain

Woke up to the cock-a-doodle-doo of the rooster at 4am. Washed up under a tube well. Slept in a mud hut that I had thus far seen only in puja pandals with the theme of...   | Read..

Hallowed ground

During my tour of France to watch Euro Cup, I had a few days free in between matches. Barcelona, I found out, was just a four-and-half hour train ride away.   | Read..

Slogan contest

Thanks to all our readers for sending in your birthday wishes. Here are the two chosen ones who will receive souvenirs from us   | Read..
11 and counting