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| Sunday, July 17, 2016 |


Good grief

The loss of a loved one can lead to grave illnesses. But counselling — common in the West — is slowly catching on in India and helping people battle sorrow, reports Smitha Verma 

Maninder Puri can relate to the loss of a young son. The killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani in Kashmir exploded into headlines last week, leading to a vortex of violence, but for Delhi resident Puri,... | Read»

Atlas shrugged

E-coolies are paying the price of propping up a happening economy, says Sharmistha Ghosal

You've seen him climbing up the stairs of your building or waiting at the office reception area or zipping through the city on a two-wheeler. He is youngish, wears a T-shirt, sometimes a cap, both... | Read»

A painter among the people

A gardener, a tailor with a paunch, a woman pounding rice — Nandalal Bose’s Haripura Posters depict ordinary men and women. The paintings, first displayed at the 1938 Congress session in the Gujarat township, are now on exhibit at the National Gallery of Modern Art. Ella Datta writes that the show is a visual treat, but could have done with better footnotes

Close to eight decades ago, a series of panels painted by Nandalal Bose for decorating the venue of the 1938 Congress session in Haripura, Gujarat, prompted the artist to bring the ordinary people,... | Read»