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| Sunday, June 5, 2016 |


Building dreams

Architect Abin Chaudhuri’s pushing the envelope with his innovative new designs and winning awards across the world, says AARTI DUA

When architect Abin Chaudhuri designed a Kartik puja pandal on the football field behind his village home in Bansberia, 84km from Calcutta, back in 2012, he never dreamt that his Bamboo Pavilion would turn a global spotlight on his architectural... | Read»

Licence to thrill

Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh is juggling three thrillers that all aim to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, says Yashodeep Sengupta

Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh is super-busy these days. He’s ready to wrap up Kahaani 2 that he has directed and is furiously penning the sequel to his 14-minute YouTube short film Ahalya, which recently went viral on the Internet. ... | Read»

A lighter touch

Stand-up comedian Papa CJ plots his stage shows from the comfort of his sprawling three-storey home, says Sarbani Sen

Stand-up comedian Papa CJ is obsessed with natural light and his sprawling house in Vasant Vihar, south Delhi’s tony neighbourhood, has plenty of it. The three-floor bungalow sits on a 500sqyd plot and is lavishly spread out over a floor... | Read»

Remaking a classic

It’s almost the country’s national dish but now chefs are giving butter chicken exotic twists and even deconstructing it, says Rahul Verma

One balmy evening, I was having dinner at a friend’s place when the pasta on the table caught my eye. It looked like the usual pasta cooked with a tomato sauce. But the flavour seemed different. And there was good reason for that... | Read»

Escape to the blues

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are still uncrowded and unspoilt and offer pristine beaches, rich marine life and underwater activities, says Radhika Sen

On a slow-moving day in office it’s not unusual to catch yourself dreaming about an idyllic beach holiday — a far-flung Caribbean island maybe? Or, what about the tranquil blue of the Maldives? To tell the truth, I’ve never... | Read»

Small screen smarts

Google's Chromecast and the Amkette EvoTV 2 offer ways to give your older LED and LCD TVs a quick upgrade, says Tushar Kanwar

Unless you’ve recently spent the big bucks and picked up the latest generation of smart TVs, there’s a chance that the TV in your house is fast becoming a glorified dumb panel. Fortunately, there is a bevy of companion devices such as... | Read»

Growth on the menu

Chef Ranveer Brar began his culinary journey when he was still a teenager, by assisting a kebab chef, and now he’s ready to launch his own restaurant in Mumbai

I come from a family of land-owners from Faridkot in Punjab. Although I was born in Lucknow, my food influences were primarily Punjabi as I had only been exposed to typical Punjabi fare served at home and what I would eat at the community langar. | Read»