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Monday , May 30 , 2016

A view from Berlin

In a Europe beset with an insignificant rate of economic growth and problems related to the refugee influx, internal divisions are growing larger. Given the threats from Islamic extremism, doubts about the value of free movement in the Schengenare......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Old is gold

Sir - I am a diehard fan of Mohun Bagan. So I was extremely happy to see th... | Read»

Hero worship

Sir - The attempt to omit Jawaharlal Nehru's name from Class VIII social sc... | Read»

Primary role

Sir - The editorial, "Common cure" (May 12), was pertinent. The judiciary i... | Read»

Easy targets

Sir - Religious minorities are increasingly being targeted in Bangladesh. T... | Read»


The editorial, "What matters" (May 23), mentioned that the Pattali Makkal K... | Read»


False Hopes

Two years are no more than a blink of an eye in historical time. But in political time, especially in a democracy, a period of two years is the time for a midterm assessmen......   | Read..

Brutal Denial

It is in the nature of racism to weave itself into the texture of everyday life, so that it becomes difficult to pin it down to specific acts of violence. As a result, over......   | Read..

Long Term

Because most people think of the Islamic State, al Qaida and their ilk as being crazies motivated solely by hatred, they are not puzzled by recent terrorist attacks on the ......   | Read..

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