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Friday , May 27 , 2016


It was the morning of my class, and I had stayed up for most of the night before, chain-listening to songs and watching music videos and film-clips on YouTube. Eyes smarting, ears ringing, but high-hearted and light-footed, I wondered while rushin......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Identity crisis

Sir - The popular actor, Rishi Kapoor, has said that important places in th... | Read»

Young leaders

Sir - Devi Kar's article, "In quest of a better public leadership" (May 3),... | Read»

Added hassle

Sir - The decision to introduce core banking services in post offices has t... | Read»


Equally free

Free expression is not a phenomenon that sits well with a lot of Indians, not even as a concept. It does not matter that the Constitution made it a right; events suggest th......   | Read..

Two men

Age does not wither Indian politicians nor does custom stale their infinite variety. In Kerala, two of the country's oldest politicians have proved this to be true yet agai......   | Read..

Lessons for a new age

The Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the Centre has completed two years. The occasion is being celebrated with the party presenting its report card, as it were, to ......   | Read..

Moral maxims are surprisingly useful on occasions when we can invent little else to justify our actions. - ALEXANDER PUSHKIN

In light country
Intimate interactions with nature
The book's avowed theme is the mystery of light, the light as experienced on the Sussex Downs, reflected in the white of the chalk deposits and similar reflectors like shells, snails and buttons, a......   | Read..
Unspoken words
Halfway through My Name Is Lucy Barton, the eponymous character remembers that Sarah Payne, a renowned author, had told her at a creative writing class in Arizona that great writers have only ......   | Read..
Looking through the mists of time
The condition of women continues to be one of the focal points of public discussion in India. Even today, practices such as honour killing prevent women from living a life of dignity. The plight of......   | Read..
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