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Friday , May 27 , 2016

Marine free to return, 'deal' cry echo

The Supreme Court today cleared the decks for Italian marine Salvatore Girone, accused of killing two Indian fishermen, to return home while an international tribunal decides on a jurisdictional...   | Read..

Told you so: Middleman

A British arms agent wanted by Indian agencies in the AgustaWestland chopper payoffs scandal today said that New Delhi's readiness to let a murder-accused Italian marine...   | Read..

Child crime record relief

A passport or job applicant need not reveal that he faced criminal charges as a child, draft juvenile justice rules the government released yesterday have stressed.   | Read..

12 tribes get ST tag, Odisha protests

The government's decision to include a dozen communities from five states in the list of Scheduled Tribes today drew strong protests from the Odisha government and...   | Read..

Collector shunted after Nehru post on FB

A district collector who praised Jawaharlal Nehru in a Facebook post was transferred by the Madhya Pradesh government tonight.   | Read..

Bread makers agree to junk chemical

India's bread makers today announced that they would stop using potassium bromate in their products, three days after a non-government organisation said it had detected...   | Read..

SC lens on app cabs and fund

The Supreme Court today directed the central government and all states and Union territories to explain within six weeks what they have done to regulate app-based taxis and...   | Read..

File curbs on babus

The Centre has forbidden even senior home ministry officials from taking home "sensitive" files, barely a fortnight after an undersecretary was arrested for...   | Read..

Campaign kick-off at anniversary rally

Narendra Modi had celebrated his first year in office under a withering sun, addressing a public meeting in Nagla Chandrabhan near Mathura. That was on May 25 last year.   | Read..

Teacher workload

The government tonight asked the University Grants Commission to roll back the additional workload it had imposed on teachers in a deeply unpopular move this month.   | Read..

Pranab push for conversation

India and China are likely to stop talking AT each other and begin talking TO one another as a result of President Pranab Mukherjee's marathon meetings here in a single day...   | Read..

Congress flags govt 'failures'

The Congress today decried the Narendra Modi government's second anniversary celebrations, saying it had achieved little else other than creating social tensions and...   | Read..

Rap on FTV & Patanjali

The government has asked Fashion TV to avoid "indecent presentation" of women's bodies and warned that future violations could lead to stringent action after a...   | Read..
Marine free to return, 'deal' cry echo
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