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Monday , April 18 , 2016

First the attack, then the fear

On Friday night, a student of Presidency was attacked for wearing shorts and smoking by a group of men allegedly owing allegiance to Trinamul minister Aroop Biswas. Hounded by the goons and harassed by the cops, she has not dared step out of home for two days. A 37-year-old Trinamul activist who along with his 70-year-old father had hounded the girl said on Sunday they would not allow “such indecencies” by women in their “respectable colony”. While the harasser had no regrets, a resident who had stepped in to save the girl regrets it now as “a Trinamul leader” has rapped him for playing rescuer. Welcome to Calcutta 2016.

I do not feel safe to step out of home

The Presidency University undergraduate student who was assaulted at Ranikuthi on Friday night for daring to smoke in public wearing shorts is living in fear: fear of the six men who played brutal...   | Read..

How could she wear a half-pant and smoke?

The girl was wearing a half-pant and was smoking openly.... Can you imagine?   | Read..

What police asked

The young woman abused and assaulted by thugs who didn’t approve of her choice to smoke and wear shorts faced questions inside a police station that were either unwarranted...   | Read..

One girl’s nightmare unites them all

A girl must wear what she wants   | Read..

A serious breach of freedom

What happened with the Presidency University student in south Calcutta on Friday night is dreadful.   | Read..

Cop methods torment girl targeted by moral police

The alacrity with which police had turned up at a young woman's door at 3.30am to "verify" the date and time she was harassed quickly faded when it came to...   | Read..

Storyteller weaves magic with kids

Shangon Chakraborty, a Class II student of St. James' School, was busy munching on chips in between fiddling with props till Phil Sherman started showing his tricks. Soon,...   | Read..

Fun and lessons on wheels

The scorching sun and the 40.3 Celsius reading on the thermometer did not seem to bother Muskaan Khatoon as she looked around her in awe.   | Read..

Sourav pads up for Dalmiya pitch

Who can book Sourav Ganguly for 90 minutes of Sunday prime time?   | Read..
The lakes are buzzing with the practice sessions of rowers gearing up for the 15th BRC Students’ Rowing Championship, 2016. To keep the lake...   | Read..
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