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| Sunday, March 27, 2016 |


Death by powder?

Ogden Nash’s reflection on babies — “a bit of talcum is always walcum” — has gone for a toss. A court in the United States has held talcum powder responsible for a woman’s death from ovarian cancer. But T.V. Jayan finds that in India, the jury is still out

Jisha was troubled. The 29-year-old software analyst with a global IT firm working in Gurgaon always used a particular brand of talcum powder. And now jurors in a US court, hearing a case relating to the death of a 62-year-old woman, Jacqueline... | Read»

B-School blues

It was the mother of all battles — and left Maheshwer Peri financially and psychologically scarred. But the publisher tells V. Kumara Swamy that he had decided he wasn’t going to strike a settlement with self-styled management guru Arindam Chaudhuri

If you want to know where you get the world's best bisi bele bhaat - a rice and lentil preparation - you should log on to Maheshwer Peri's Facebook page. The former president and... | Read»

War and peace in Karbala

Skinny jeans and dead bodies, billiard tables and teen soldiers — Karbala
is a story of conflicting images. Sonia Sarkar visits the holy city in Iraq and
finds that another war is being waged

Friday evenings at the Al Kawthar shopping complex on Al-Jumhuriya Street in Karbala are busy. Less than 100 metres from the shrine of Imam Hussein Ibn Ali, burqa clad women shop for leather bags,... | Read»

Sexy Sadie and the Fab Four

What exactly happened at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in Rishikesh? Did the Swami really make a pass at Mia Farrow? To this day, nobody knows for sure, writes Bhavdeep Kang in a new book on Gurus. An extract

The Beatles, at the vanguard of pop music - the engine of the technology-enabled popular culture revolution - had found a radical new sound in hallucinogenic highs ( Revolver, 1966). At a time... | Read»

A date with a lensman

The man behind Neerja — and the Kingfisher calendars — tells Avijit Chatterjee that he may direct a film one day

Think of Vijay Mallya, and you think of a glossy calendar. Think of the Kingfisher calendar, and you think of Atul Kasbekar, the ace photographer who’s been capturing images of gorgeous models in... | Read»